Friday, September 30, 2011

Sudden sexual arousal in men

Unlike women, men get sexually aroused very quickly. Within minutes man can get roused up, because his rate of erection is very high. When a man sees a pretty women  with sex appealing features, he can get exited to the point physical change and is ready for a physical encounter. There are instances where men very suddenly get sexually aroused and this is known as aggressive drive. When the man takes part in competitive sports activities such as football rugger, the state of the human body is in an aggressive desire and you go pell-mell to defeat the other side.

Rivalry and competition could be intense and t wish of one side is to defeat the other side is of paramount importance, "Albert Kinsey" in his famous study of  the "human sexual response ", establishes the state of the hum body in aggressive arousal, is very similar to the state of body in sexual arousal. Therefore it is very easy for aggressive response to suddenly change into a sex response. That is why invading armies and marauding gangs so often commit rape.

Some sort of things often happens in domestic Life .Quarrelling husbands and wives often end up by having sex. This was well known by our ancestors. According to an 0ld  Sinhalese proverb, "the quarrels between husband and wife last only till the rice is boiled". Physiologically speaking conjugal are often preludes to sex. Here is an entry form the diary of the duchess of Marlbarrow- “my lord returned from the war today and he pleasured me twice in his high boots ". This is quoted by Dr. Anthony Stars in his book called" Human Aggression."

Now for a relevant insight it has been documented that in a fight between two snakes, the victorious snake mates almost immediately after vanquishing his rival. The defeated sake crawls away and does not mate for weeks. It is well known that loss of LIBIDO is a feature of depression. Nature seems to decree that the best time for winners to propagate their genes is soon after victory.

So, women must try to understand why all of a sudden men behave in this fashion. They are sexually aroused and nothing could stop them from having sex quickly. The safest and the best place to relieve him self is the home and the wife. As mentioned earlier when you take part in competitive sport activities you become so aggressive and that leads to sexual arousal. When the husband is in an uncontrollable manner and wants to have sex several times he should not be branded as a cad or an animal. The wife must; try to cooperate (even if she is not prepared for it just then) and share the enjoyment and obtain full happiness

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